Our team of qualified lubrication consultants have nearly 40 years combined experience working with industrial customers, whose sectors include cement, food & beverage, mining, power, pulp & paper. With maintenacepro, we can help in establishing the right lubricant, the right quantity and the right time to lubricate and discuss your lubrication needs. 

Lubricant Survey

A lube survey allows identification of all equipment lubrication points within your plant and the actual lubricants to be used.

Oil analysis-based Root Cause Analysis (OA-RCA)vc

OA-RCA, designed to address problems in the lubricated system, we derive the diagnosis and establish the origin of oil failures through used oil analysis. Hence, the condition and action for the lubricant fault are identified, and mitigation strategies are provided.

Lubricant recommendation and selection

Selection of lubricants designed to maximize performance, comparative analyses, and lubricant compatibility.

Lubricant storage design

Suboptimal lubricant storage, handling and transfer account for around 50% of lubrication problems. Applying good lubrication practices in the storage of lubricants improves the availability, and reliability of equipment and machines lubricated. The objectives include ensuring the storage of lubricants in a controlled environment, improved and maintained quality and cleanliness, and specifying procedures for the storing, handling, filtering, sample taking and management of waste.

Other lubricant support activities include:
  1. Conducts lube surveys.
  2. Evaluates and select lubricants to use & their purchases.
  3. Trains lubricators & assembles work list.
  4. Develop quality assurance & used lubricant analysis programs.
  5. Troubleshoots & problem-solve lubrication issues.
  6. Records of all applications, as well as waste collection or disposal.

Maintenance Consultancy

MaintenancePro Africa can guide your company toward the future of asset management by incorporating these new data-driven technologies into your existing asset management processes.


Lubrication and Maintenance-related training courses