Some of the short courses offered include but are not limited:

Lubrication-related training courses

Fundamentals of Lubrication

A short course designed to provide basic instruction and examination of Fundamentals of Lubrication, including tribology, lubricant regimes, lubricant manufacturing, lubricant standards, functions and types of a lubricant, and lubricant performance. Other units covered in this training include:

  • Basics of Tribology
  • Petroleum Fundamentals
  • Formulation and Blending of Lubricants
  • Specification/classification of lubricants
  • Automotive lubricants
  • Industrial lubrication
  • Aviation and Marine Lubrication
  • Lubrication Preventive Maintenance
  • Testing and Certification of Lubricants
Other Lubricants short courses:
  1. Contamination Control
  2. Lubrication Survey and charting
  3. Lubricant Selection
  4. Lubricant Storage
  5. Lubrication Failure Modes

Maintenance-related training courses

Advanced maintenance data-driven decision support

A short course providing some advanced techniques for analysing maintenance and lubricant data towards maintenance decision support. Such techniques include trending, supervised and unsupervised machine learning for classification and prediction.

Fault & Failure Cause Analysis

A short course designed to provide basic instruction and examination of maintenance failure Investigation, design review, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) for Cost Benefit Reporting related to Fault and Failure Cause Analysis.

Reliability Centred Maintenance

A short course designed to provide various aspects of a Reliability Centred Maintenance strategy that effectively uses reactive, preventative, predictive, and proactive methods and failure mode effect analysis

Other Maintenance-related short courses:
  1. Productivity Engineering
  2. Quality Engineering
  3. Inventory management
  4. Engineering Operations Management
  5. Maintenance Engineering and Management
  6. Predictive techniques (Thermography, vibration analysis, oil analysis..)
  7. Safety Engineering and Management
  8. Bearings selection and maintenance
  9. Bearings lubrication
  10. Belts and Shaft alignment


Our team of qualified lubrication consultants have nearly 40 years combined experience working with industrial customers, whose sectors include cement, food & beverage, mining, power, pulp & paper.

Maintenance Consultancy

MaintenancePro Africa can guide your company toward the future of asset management by incorporating these new data-driven technologies into your existing asset management processes.